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Cancer Cleared Clinics is unique. It is the only clinic that guarantees the results. It is not permitted to target the United States under the FDA guide lines but, it can accept clients that find us at any location in the world. Each clinic is a separate legal entity under Nevis law. Nevis law is applied as it is the most protected legal entity available.

Investment is by invitation to accredited investors. No more than 20% of each clinic is available for investment. The methods used to cure breast cancer are not new. The magnetic therapy is over 60 years old and is being used for many diseases around the world as indicated on the site. The machine we use was developed for breast cancer however, we have improved this machine. The drug used is safe and effective but, we have improved the drug. The change in diet has cured cancer on its own. Each element of the program could stand alone. An investor receives 20% of the profits and priority for him/herself and his/her family if breast cancer treatment is needed. The profits are from the use of one machine. The designer of the program may add machines at a location which will be under a different company but, they will only be used after the first machine is fully subscribed. One machine can service 24 woman a week. The gross weekly income is 24 x $3500 = $84,000. A 20 percent interest is $16,800 a week and $873,600 a year. 

The reason for this is that the $3500 price is an introductory price into the market and the investor should receive his initial investment back in less than a year. Once established there will be price increase first to $5,000 then to $10,000. The investor return at $10,000 increases to 24 X 10,000 = $240,000 x 20 percent for a week equals $48,000 or $2,496,000 a year.

Keep in mind what other hospitals are offering. There are only three methods approved in the United States surgery, cut off the breast, chemotherapy, not very successful loss of hair, destroys all cells, cancer returns, radiation destroys cells with the cancer cell and health professionals develop cancer handling the products.

We offer a guarantee of an effective result to first diagnosed women. They have no ill effects. The method targets only the cancer cells. The treatment is one week but, with the diet continues through life. Cancer is over. In fact we view this and advertise it as a vacation because the woman can bring her family and is only needed an hour a day. Where does the money go. The funds are placed in a attorney trust account for three days.

During that time and after signing a nondisclosure agreement the investor is shown the third party evidence that the method works. After viewing the evidence if the investor does not agree, the funds are immediately returned less $10.00 the cost of the certified check. This would not be possible if the governments of the countries where the clinics are located had not welcomed us into their country. We value this relationship as the most valuable asset the company has. Plans for expansion include South America, Canada and Europe. We also have a representative to confirm that insurance companies will pay for the treatment. This will save the US federal government millions of dollars in medicare bills. The cost of a chemotherapy treatment is $74,000.

During this operating time to save lives we will submit the program in the United States to a full six year test. But to wait and let people die for no reason other than other peoples profit is not our goal. If you have an interest in this program contact your representative or email us. We prefer one investor per clinic. We are targeting three clinics to begin. One in each of the friendly jurisdictions.

Expenses for Cancer Cleared

The major non recurring expense is equipment. The magnetic resonance machine and the necessary modifications discovered by the owner is the first major expense.

The recurring expenses vary with the relationship with a local hospital or medical school depending on the location of the clinic.The guest are responsible for third party expenses. Those expenses include airfare, hotel, food (they begin a restricted diet),medical checkups when arriving and departing. We have a staff physician that is and investor in one of our programs who receives compensation from that program. He attends the clinics once a week and is transported to each one (each center contributes to transportation cost base on a percentage,the average is $400 a week). We have a resident program director.He is compensated at $100,000 a year with residence in the resort which is complimentary. He is responsible for the over all operation of the facility.We have a local vp of government regulations who maintains our status with the government.). We have three local employed nurses as this is a 24/7 operation the magnetic resonance machine is always in operation. The average salary is $50,000.We have a nutritional consultant who lectures and oversees the diet of the clients. The salary range has not been set and will be insignificant as all the cost when the treatment cost is raised.

Until the facility has a waiting list we have advertising and production cost.The first expense is a press release world wide and a television production. The production is one person standing in front of the resort explaining that this is really a vacation for the family. It is anticipated that after three months advertising will be unnecessary.

Note the company makes not US tax reports it is the obligation of the taxpayer to make his own reports.

Notice Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

This current report contains "forward-looking statements," as that term is defined in Section 27A of the United States Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Statements in this site are not purely historical, such as the Company's plans to acquire other locations are forward-looking statements and include any statements regarding finances, beliefs, plans, expectations or intentions regarding the future, including but not limited to, the number of customers. Development of the Company's locations and the timing of programs and any results that may be obtained.



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