Magnetic Resonance Therapy


Magnetic Resonance has opened a totally new possibility, not only for diagnosis but also for treatment. When the body is placed inside a pulsating magnetic field, we cause the magnetic component of each cell to resonate. Because the resonation of longer cells is slower than shorter ones, a Doppler sensor can differentiate between muscle, tendon, bone, etc. and can then produce an image of the inside of the body. This process is commonly called M.R.I. (Magnetic Resonance Imaging). MRI is a high power, low frequency magnetic pulse designed to produce an image by resonating cells.

By contrast, MRT (Magnetic Resonance Therapy) is a low power, high frequency magnetic pulse designed to break up “dead” calcium (plaque) build up throughout the body. *



Plaque is a waste by-product of human metabolism carried along the bloodstream. It is “dead” calcium made up mostly of calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate. * The salivary glands, for example, take what they need from the blood to make saliva and plaque comes with it. Plaque builds up in our teeth, so we go to the dentist a couple of times a year and get it scraped off to prevent tooth decay.

In general, anyplace that blood goes, plaque goes along with it and attaches itself to every body part, not just the teeth. But plaque is harder to remove from other parts of the body where it also builds up, such as around joints (cause of arthritis), neural synapses (causes slow reaction time and neuropathies), inside the vertebrae (spinal stenosis), the heart, carpal tunnel and more places resulting in diseases, many associated with aging.

Plaque in the joints is rough like sandpaper with sharp bone spurs, shredding and tearing the cartilage and breaking it down until there is none left. Arthritis, for example, is caused by plaque (calcium) build up on the joints, resulting in arthritic pain and ultimately joint replacements.

How can we exfoliate this calcification (plaque build up) in our body parts? You’ve heard of an opera singer breaking a glass while singing a note. That’s because glass molecules resonate at a specific sound frequency. The singer’s tonal vibration at that corresponding frequency caused stress fractures in the glass, so the glass shattered. Calcium, like glass and all other minerals, has a “destroy” frequency, too, that causes the molecules to resonate. We use the same frequency principle in our patented magnetic resonance therapy (MRT) equipment. Our MRT equipment is programmed to the calcium-destroy frequency.

  • “Dead” calcium (plaque) has a negative effect in our metabolism, as distinguished from “living” calcium that is part of bone cells.


Instead of a sound frequency, our patented MRT uses a small MRI like machine called a DIGITAL ELECTRO-MAGNETIC PULSE GENERATOR (DEMP). The DEMP emits very low-dose MRI. The pulsating electromagnetic (low-power) frequency is set to resonate at the same frequency as plaque (dead calcium) molecules to loosen them up. When these molecules break apart, they are flushed out of the body through the kidneys. With arthritis for example, the result is a smooth ball at the joint, as it is meant to be, and no chance for plaque to rebuild. Without the plaque tearing at cartilage, there is no arthritis.

MRT applications are safe and painless. While you lie on a comfortable leather recliner, coils underneath are set at a frequency and field that can treat the whole body at once to break up plaque, or target specific, painful areas in the body with a "sleeve" or “pads” (antennas). You do not feel the cells resonating but it can be demonstrated to be working.

After a half-hour to forty-five minute application, you must drink lots of water or liquids during the day--ideally 5% of your total body weight or one quart of liquid per 40 pounds of body weight-- to flush out the toxins (i.e. mercury, lead, more) and broken down calcium molecules. If you don't drink enough water or liquids, the toxins will not be completely flushed out of the body, which may result in nausea, diarrhea or headache the next day.



The benefit of breaking up plaque in the body is in reversing many diseases caused by calcification. Arthritis, for example, a common disease, is caused by plaque (dead calcium molecules) build-up in the joints. If these molecules can be broken up, loosened, and flushed out of the body through the kidneys, this common disease of the joints could be reversed.


Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) tests indicate that the nerve speed between the ankle and the base of the skull of a 72 year-old man is 6,200% slower than that of a 10-year-old. The slowing of the neural signaling has been attributed to the build up of plaque (calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate) in the synapse

The signaling transmission through the neuron is an electrical impulse. As it reaches the end of the neuron, it releases a chemical neurotransmitter across the synapse. When the synapse is clogged with plaque, the chemical signal has to go around the plaque and the signal slows down. Thus slow reaction times. In cases where the plaque totally blocks the synapse (neuropathies) the signal stops.

Young people do not have plaque build up in the synapses so their reaction time is fast. But as the body ages, plaque accumulates in the synapses and the reaction times slow. Until now it has been impossible to remove the calcium build up in a synapse. Not even chemical chelating reaches the neural level.

Nobody’s metabolism is 100% efficient. We all build up plaque in our bodies. As plaque builds up in the neural synapse, it slows down nerve velocity. As the nerves that control the digestive system slow down, this causes a delay of the start signal to the organs that secrete digestive enzymes, so digestion becomes less efficient. As the digestion becomes less efficient, it causes a greater degradation of the metabolic rate. As metabolism becomes even less efficient, it makes twice as much plaque as before! As twice the plaque builds in the neural synapse, it slows the nerves twice as much.

We all remember the days in our teens when we could eat like a horse and not gain an ounce. Heartburn and ulcers were unheard of; the acid pump stopped when it was supposed to. There was no need for Tums, Rolaids or other anti-acid remedy.

As we remove the plaque from the neural synapse, we return to the days where the nerve reaction time matched the organs’ needs. Metabolism speeds up. If we maintain the same caloric intake as prior to magnetic resonance therapy, the increased metabolic speed will cause weight loss and a higher energy level.


Osteoporosis means “porous bone.” Throughout life, there are constant changes in the structure of bones. A natural process breaks down bones and builds them back up again at the microscopic cellular level. Children and young adults build more bone than they break down. Pregnant women release bone to transfer needed minerals to the developing fetus and then build their own bone strength up again after giving birth. To build new bone she needs calcium, Vitamin D (Sunlight) and ATP’s.

ATP’s are the energy source the body uses for cellular processes. When injured, a cell produces additional amounts of ATP to induce and expedite healing. MRT shaking motion creates in the cell the sensation of injury; the healthy cells react by producing massive amounts of additional ATP’s.

Dr. Sodi-Pallares, in his book Magnetotherapy and the Metabolic Treatment, reports several cases of reversal of osteoporosis after four months of magnetic treatment



(Condensed from “Beating Lyme Disease” by Dr. David A. Jernigan, 1st Edition, pp 191-95)

Magnetic Resonance Therapy (MRT) may be my absolute favorite because of the incredible range of actions, not to mention its phenomenal track record for success where all other treatments and therapies failed. In my opinion, you will get more “bang for your buck” using this one therapy, because unlike medicines which run out or quit working, MRT never quits working, and there is no time that the body cannot continue to benefit.

MRT (Negative polarity only): Converts the tissues from acidic to alkaline. All bacteria, virus, parasites, fungi and mycoplasma need and promote an acidic environment wherever they are living and they will die in an alkaline environment.

MRT re-establishes the normal cellular polarity back to the predominantly negative polarity needed by normal healthy cells to repel microbes. When the tissues become weak and diseased, the normal negative polarity drops too low, crippling the defense mechanisms of the cells. So the positive polarity microbes are in an energy fight with the weak cells. When the cell’s polarity is restored full strength, it inhibits the replication of every microbe. Viruses need your RNA in order to replicate, however, they cannot penetrate and replicate when the cell polarity is high, and they also cannot replicate in an alkaline environment. They need, and try to establish an acid, environment.

MRT increases the tissue oxygen levels, hyper-oxygenating the cells. All microbes are inhibited to some degree by high oxygen levels, and some microbes are actually killed by oxygen. Through hyper-oxygenation of the body, certain enzyme systems are supported that are needed for energy production in the body in the form of adenosine triphosphate or ATP. ATP production is increased and used for energy by every cell in the body.

MRT governs sleep by evoking the production and release of melatonin from the pineal gland. Melatonin is also anti microbial and helps reset the biorhythms necessary for health and healing. Melatonin is a potent anti-cancer substance.

MRT normalizes brain wave activity and relieves cerebral allergies that lead to all manner of psychosis and depressive states. Some cases of hospitalized neurosis and psychosis have been completely relieved within 10 minutes of using MRT in conjunction with food allergy testing! Many of the people I have treated who had Lyme disease were also suffering from depression, anxiety, seizures and such.

MRT changes the partial pressure of oxygen, meaning that there is an increased movement of oxygen through the tissues and an increased utilization of oxygen in the cells, which increases the energy metabolism.

The entire body can be influenced bio-energetically by the physical dimension “magnetic field” at therapeutic gauss intensities. If this procedure is applied over a determined period of time, it leads to a normalization of the electrical potential difference. As a result, there is improved ion dynamics at the cells’ interface, resulting in the increased utilization of oxygen in the cell. This increases the production of energy for healing and overall cellular function in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The resultant increase in ATP from using MRT can be measured.

ATP, adenosine triphosphate, is one of your body’s primary energy molecules that are produced by every cell for everyday functioning and for healing. ATP is produced by the mitochondria, the energy factories in every cell.

ATP production is extremely important, especially in Lyme disease, because one-third of all of the ATP produced in your body is used to pump out the sodium from the neurons via the sodium/potassium pump. In states of chronic illness, the body’s metabolism becomes compromised and the energy production in the form of ATP slows down. Without enough ATP to pump out the sodium from the nerve fibers, the nerve fibers begin to degenerate. As degeneration of the nerve occurs, you experience tingling, muscle weakness, numbness, and the ultimate progressive dysfunction of multiple organ systems. So, you can see the importance of your doctor maintaining or re-establishing the ATP production of your body.

One third of the ATP your body produces is used to facilitate enzyme reactions. If the body’s enzyme reactions do not have the ATP to function correctly, many of the chemical reactions in the body will not happen quickly enough to be of any good. This enzymatic breakdown leads to multi-system dysfunction, affecting all aspects of sense of well-being and strength. MRT increases the metabolism (all of the chemical reactions occurring in the body) by hyper polarizing the cells, which is beneficial in turning up the ATP production for these enzymatic/chemical reactions.

The last third of the ATP is used for energy to run all of the contractile muscles and non-contractile tissues of the body. In this area, ATP shortage is noticed most remarkably in muscle fatigue and atrophy. When all is functioning correctly, the muscle fibers are “pumped up” from weight bearing exercise and the muscle fibers are filled with energy-producing mitochondria, which are little organs inside of the cells that are simply ATP factories.

When multiple systems become dysfunctional and multiple electrical circuits are “blown,” the demand for energy is great, but the body is unable to generate the electricity it needs to keep the mitochondria working. One by one, the mitochondrial energy factories shut down, ATP production falls sharply and the muscle atrophies or shrinks in size and strength.

Your body’s metabolism becomes sluggish during chronic illnesses and ATP production goes down because the demand for energy wanes as the cells become hypo-functional. To say that this therapy increases the production of ATP means, that the energy factories are fired up again in response to reinforcement from the cells becoming less hypo-functional and more functional again.

A healthy, functioning cells needs a lot of energy and can get it when all the players are present and working. Once there is enough ATP, the body can get busy repairing, replacing, and rebuilding. As the tissues become healthier, the body’s natural resistance to infection is re-established and with other appropriate treatments, such as antibiotics, the infections can be completely eliminated.

When tissue is injured it needs additional energy to heal and the neighboring cells react automatically by producing additional ATP’s. Free Energy is represented by the letter “G” in honor of Josiah Willard Gibbs, creator of the science Thermodynamics. The only way for the body to produce “G” (Energy) is from the hydrolysis ATP:

ATP + H2O = ADP + P + G

ATP: Adenosine triphosphate

H2O: Water

ADP: Adenosine diphosphate

P: Phosphate

G: Free Energy

Hemoglobin contains iron, therefore every cell in the body is like a small magnet and when placed inside a pulsating magnetic field (MRI or MRT) the cells resonate (vibrate). Fortunately for us the cells cannot determine between harmless resonation and violent injury so they react as programmed and make massive doses of additional ATP.


Calcium molecules are like small magnets with a North and South Pole (paramagnetic). When placed inside a pulsating electromagnetic field, the North Pole of the electro-magnet attracts the South Pole (and rejects the North Pole of the calcium molecule). At the same time the South Pole of the electro-magnet attracts the North Pole (and it rejects the South Pole of the calcium molecule). When the power to the electro-magnet is turned off, the molecule tries to reorient itself with Earth’s magnetic North-South Poles creating a pushing and pulling force that induces a rocking back and forth movement on the molecule.

After a short time, the calcium molecules loosen up and are washed away into the bloodstream and triglycerides take them to the kidneys for disposal. As soon as the outermost molecules are exfoliated, the next inside molecules begin to resonate. Those molecules are broken up and on their way to the kidneys, too. Like an onion, the calcium build-up is slowly broken and peeled one molecule/layer at a time until the total accumulation of dead calcium is removed from the body.

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